Architecture Series Bookholder Orbit

31,84 €

Architecture Series Bookholder Orbit

31,84 €

0.30 kg

Based on classic Arts and Crafts designs, the latest addition to our book and tablet holder range adds some refined gravitas. With its wipe down surface, it is useful in the kitchen, study and elsewhere in the home. Here is why you will love it: - Perfect for books and tablets: our holder fits most books, tablets, eReaders, magazines, paperbacks and textbooks. It`s the perfect reading accessory. - Hands free reading: now you can read, study, browse the internet, watch videos and follow your recipe with our bookstand, all completely hands free. - Perfect gifts for book lovers: your family and friends, young or old, will love you for spoiling them with this unique gift. It`s ideal for birthdays or any special occasion. - Use it anywhere: you can easily fold up the stand for travel between home and office; use it at your work desk, kitchen, home or wherever youmay want to relax after a long day.

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