Fred Vogelstein

Dogfight: How Apple & Google Went To War,

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Behind the bitter rivalry between Apple and Google - and how an epic battle is reshaping the way we think about technology. The deathmatch between Apple and Google is not just a story of corporate competition - it`s a dramatic saga of a friendship gone sour, of trust and agreements betrayed, of visionaries Steve Jobs and his successor Tim Cook versus Larry Page, Sergey Brin, and Eric Schmidt. This is a story of bickering, backstabbing, poaching and paranoia, of hardware versus software and patents versus products. After more than a decade of reporting on this rivalry, Fred Vogelstein has incredible access to the boardroom conversations, unofficial reactions, outbursts, personalities, deals, lawsuits and allegations that have shaped how we use these products.

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Godina izdanja: 2013
Format: 153 x 234 mm 272 stranica
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