Wine: The Ultimate Guide to the World of Wine

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This exceptional book brings together everything worth knowing about wine in one single volume. André Dominé`s magnificent publication combines all you need to know about wine, wine-growing, and wine production in every part of the world into a truly gargantuan work. It is a wine atlas, a reference book, and a directory for all wine-growing regions around the world. Every wine-growing country is presented by experts in clear and coherent terms which every layperson will understand and appreciate. More than 1,200 photographs and over 150 detailed maps provide an accurate overview of each and every region. Explanations of the labels of interesting wines, along with recommendations of producers, domains, chateaux, and wineries, provide the reader with a helping hand through the ever-growing maze of the worldwide wine industry. This book is an extremely informative and beautifully illustrated wine companion. Hamburg-born André Dominé has lived in a wine-growing village in the southwest of France since 1981. He is the author of numerous articles and publications on wine and spirits. Dominé was awarded the prestigious Prix Edmond de Rothschild for his book Wine.

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