Aaron Dignan

Brave New Work

14,49 €
109,17 kn

Aaron Dignan

Brave New Work

14,49 €
109,17 kn

What`s stopping you from doing the best work of your life? People are sick of the old ways of doing business. Despite the enthusiasm that surrounded the emergence of a hybrid working world, it still takes for ever to get anything done. Meetings and emails are almost belligerently incessant. Bureaucracy and hierarchy continue to stifle creativity and talent. So - after literal decades of management theory, as well as multiple shifts in the technological landscape - why can`t we do better? Aaron Dignan is an expert in modernizing workplaces. He has built a career teaching top-level companies how to change to suit their workforce better and, in doing so, how to foster genuine innovation, loyalty and growth. In Brave New Work, he uses stories and experiences gathered from that career to lay out a fearless manifesto for a new type of work. This book will show you how to transform your team, department or business from the inside out, making work more adaptable, enjoyable and human. It`s packed with tactics and tips for updating your company`s operating system: the assumptions so deeply embedded within your organization that you don`t even know you`re being crippled by them. Learn how to reignite passion and energy throughout your organization, how to retain and attract a dedicated and happy workforce, and, ultimately, how to build a company that runs itself.

129 x 198 mm
320 stranica
meki uvez
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