Cuddly Reader - Sloth

39,80 €

Cuddly Reader - Sloth

39,80 €

0.30 kg

These incredibly cute creatures will hold most sizes of books, eReaders and tablets. Made of beautifully soft crystal velboa, they will encourage children to read, and make them more comfortable whilst playing games on their tablets. Here is why you will love them: - Perfect ipad holder and tablet stand for kids - with this fun gift they’ll be devouring books in no time to speed up their learning and development. These hands free stands and reading accessories are also great for ipads, ebook readers and even doubles as a comfortable pillow for a quick nap. Great gifts for birthdays and special occasions. - Fun and multi-purpose - this stands secure but lightweight design holds your pages or tablet in place with its soft furry teeth. The reading rest is perfect for home, travel, in bed, or even in the nursery. Comes with a handy pocket for your headphones, charger, or stylus. - Safe and easy to and clean - no matter how dirty the pillow gets you can simply throw it into the washing machine. The book rest is made from quality faux suede and is 100% kids safe, en71 and astm toy safety approved to give you peace of mind for your child’s safety. - Gift of the year - with our award winning design, the giftware association has awarded the reading holder their special stamp of approval. Making it an excellent novelty gift for children for special occasions.

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