Alissa Levy

Dog Pawsonality Test

13,20 €
99,46 kn

Alissa Levy

Dog Pawsonality Test

13,20 €
99,46 kn

145 x 195 mm
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tvrdi uvez
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Become a mutt mastermind with nine fun and easy-to-score personality tests. From dog speak to curious quirks, discover your pooch`s true nature to better nurture your bond. It begins with a simple question: what are your dog`s classic behaviours? Whether high intensity or half asleep, every dog is unique. A bemusing ball of fluff, there`s a lot more to our barking mad, furniture-chewing, squirrel-chasing, loyal droolers than meets the eye. Each of their enigmatic actions and strange habits, pet peeves and preferences, tells us something about who they are and what they`re really thinking. This hilarious book is pup psychology 101. Begin your lifelong quest of demystifying your pet`s mysterious mind by answering 81 multiple choice questions. Each code-breaking quiz represents a different area of a dog`s life and links to the Six Canine Characteristics (Dominant, Well Balanced, Extrovert, Introvert, Adaptable, Independent). Sulker or Showman? Wild Child or Workaholic? Renegade or Captain? Match your answers to one or more of the 36 colourful pup profiles, adorably illustrated by artist Alissa Levy (@levysfriends), to discover a little more about their tells and traits and what these can teach you about them. Tests include: TOP DOG: Reflect on your dog`s confidence levels and how they interact with others. DOZING DOGGY STYLE: See what your dog`s sleeping positions, patterns and behaviours reveal. WHERE THERE`S A WOOF THERE`S A WAY: Take a look at how your dog communicates. IT`S A DOG LIFE: Every daily habit offers a meaningful clue, from their preferred routine to how they handle disruptions. POSE LIKE A POOCH: Unpick your dog`s signature style. CANINE SMARTS AND TRAINING: Penetrate the powers of your mutt`s mind, by looking at how they respond to instruction. WOOF AND TUMBLE: Find out what your dog`s favourite way to play signifies. POOCH POWER: How does your dog relate to you? DOGS ON THE MOVE: Investigate how your dog acts when they`re out and about. Dedicated to dog lovers everywhere.

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