Harvard Business Rev

HBR's 10 Must Reads on AI

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Harvard Business Rev

HBR's 10 Must Reads on AI

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The next generation of AI is here-use it to lead your business forward. If you read nothing else on artificial intelligence and machine learning, read these 10 articles. We`ve combed through hundreds of Harvard Business Review articles and selected the most important ones to help you understand the future direction of AI, bring your AI initiatives to scale, and use AI to transform your organization. This book will inspire you to: Create a new AI strategy Learn to work with intelligent robots Get more from your marketing AI Be ready for ethical and regulatory challenges Understand how generative AI is game changing Stop tinkering with AI and go all in This collection of articles includes "Competing in the Age of AI," by Marco Iansiti and Karim R. Lakhani; "How to Win with Machine Learning," by Ajay Agrawal, Joshua Gans, and Avi Goldfarb; "Developing a Digital Mindset," by Tsedal Neeley and Paul Leonardi; "Learning to Work with Intelligent Machines," by Matt Beane; "Getting AI to Scale," by Tim Fountaine, Brian McCarthy, and Tamim Saleh; "Why You Aren`t Getting More from Your Marketing AI," by Eva Ascarza, Michael Ross, and Bruce G. S. Hardie; "The Pitfalls of Pricing Algorithms," by Marco Bertini and Oded Koenigsberg; "A Smarter Strategy for Using Robots," by Ben Armstrong and Julie Shah; "Why You Need an AI Ethics Committee," by Reid Blackman; "Robots Need Us More Than We Need Them," by H. James Wilson and Paul R. Daugherty; "Stop Tinkering with AI," by Thomas H. Davenport and Nitin Mittal; and "ChatGPT Is a Tipping Point for AI," by Ethan Mollick. HBR`s 10 Must Reads paperback series is the definitive collection of books for new and experienced leaders alike. Leaders looking for the inspiration that big ideas provide, both to accelerate their own growth and that of their companies, should look no further. HBR`s 10 Must Reads series focuses on the core topics that every ambitious manager needs to know: leadership, strategy, change, managing people, and managing yourself. Harvard Business Review has sorted through hundreds of articles and selected only the most essential reading on each topic. Each title includes timeless advice that will be relevant regardless of an ever-changing business environment.

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