Tony Robbins

Holy Grail of Investing

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Tony Robbins

Holy Grail of Investing

22,45 €

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Tony Robbins returns with the final book in his financial freedom trilogy by unveiling the power of alternative investments. Robbins, and renowned investor Christopher Zook, take you on a journey to interview a dozen of the world’s most successful investors in private equity, private credit, private real estate, and venture capital. They share their favorite strategies and insights in this practical guidebook. For decades, trillions of dollars in “smart money” has been making outsized returns using private equity, private credit, venture capital and other alternative investments. Robbins teams up with renowned private equity investor Christopher Zook, founder of CAZ Investments, to sit down with more than a dozen of the world’s greatest alternative investment managers, collectively managing over half a trillion dollars on behalf of investors. Names like… Robert F. Smith – Founder of Vista Equity Partners, Smith is the considered the most successful enterprise software investor of all time. Vinod Khosla – Founder of Khosla Ventures, Vinod Khosla is considered a legend in Venture Capital. He is famous for turning a $4 million investment into a $7 billion windfall for his investors. Michael B. Kim – The “Godfather of Private Equity” in Asia, Kim has created the largest private equity firm in Asia. His astounding success for investors has also made him South Korea’s wealthiest man. And many more! In The Holy Grail of Investing, you’ll discover: -How to take advantage of the trillions flowing into private equity by becoming an owner of firms that actually manage the assets and share in the revenue they generate -How to take advantage of the two to three times higher returns of private credit as an alternative (or compliment) to bonds -How new rule changes allow individual investors to own a piece of the major professional sports teams (MLB, NBA, NHL, MLS) and benefit from this fanatically driven asset class -How to invest in the energy evolution and ride the wave of trillions in global investments -How investments in private real estate can work as an inflationary hedge and source of tax efficient income -How many of the world’s greatest investors thrive in good times and bad

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