Guy Leschziner

Man Who Tasted Words

17,12 €
128,99 kn

Guy Leschziner

Man Who Tasted Words

17,12 €
128,99 kn

Where are you now? Look around you; what can you see? Close your eyes and think of a loved one - do you see their face? Stretch out a hand; what can you feel with your fingertips, your palm, the soft underside of your wrist? What can you hear - nearby and far away? The information you receive from your senses makes up your world. But that world does not exist. What we perceive to be the absolute truth of the world around us is a complex reconstruction, a virtual reality created by the complex machinations of our minds in tandem with the wiring of our nervous systems. But what happens if that wiring goes awry? What happens if connections falter, or new and unexpected connections are made? Tiny shifts in the microbiology of our nervous systems can cause the world around us to shift and mutate, to become alien and unfamiliar. In The Man Who Tasted Words, consultant neurologist Guy Leschziner takes us on a journey through the senses, exploring how each one shapes our experience of the world. And investigating what happens when they deviate from the norm. Along the way we meet a number of extraordinary individuals and step through the looking glass and into their worlds. Worlds where hot and cold are reversed, where a person with no sight sees fantastical visions, or where words have a taste and sounds create sensations. But while fascinating, their experiences are more than simply curiosities. They teach us about our own perception of the world, forcing us to question the idea of `normal` senses, and whether such a thing even exists. Does blue look the same to you and me? Does grass smell the same? Or sugar taste as sweet? Do we even have the same understanding of what `sweet` is? The Man Who Tasted Words unpacks the science behind your senses and challenges you to try and see the world through another`s eyes - and ears, and nose and mouth. It will illuminate, it will surprise, and it will leave your world just a little bit changed.

153 x 234 mm
336 stranica
meki uvez
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